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The emulator comes as an InstallShield setup program with Uninstall included. The following files are included in the setup.

  • SWTPCemu The emulator
  • 6800boot.dsk virtual boot diskette for 6800 FLEX 2.0
  • 6809boot.dsk virtual boot diskette for 6809 FLEX 9
  • sbug.stx ROM image for 6809 SBUG monitor
  • newbug.stx ROM image for 6800 monitor

Other files will be available as virtual diskette images in zip format on the CD. These include to date the following:

  • PAT  Editor by Ron Anderson
  • WHIMSICAL Compiler from John Spray
  • PL/9 Compiler from Windrush
  • INTROL C  6809 C Compiler from Introl

And a whole bunch of others that I have collected over the years.

Installation Instructions:

To install the package, run the setupex.exe program. If you have the CDROM distribution, it is an autostart CD, so you just insert the CD and follow the on screen prompts. It will lead you through the installation procedure. When it is finished, the executables and supporting DLL's will be copied to the appropriate directories on your hard drive. There will also be ROM images for SBUG 1.7 (for the 6809) , and NEWBUG (a 6800 monitor ROM that is SWTBUG compatible). There will also be diskette images for FLEX 2.0 for the 6800 and FLEX9 2.9.2 for the 6809.


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