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  • Supports user selectable Monitor ROM
  • AABUG        GIMIX 6800
    DSKBUG       SWTBUG with Floppy Boot
    NewBUG       Combination DSKBUG & SmithBUG
    OS9 P1 & P2  OS9 Kernel & Boot
    PSYMON       Percom 6809
    SBUG         SWTPc 6809
    SmithBUG     built in 6800 disassembler
    SWTBUG       MIKBUG with ACIA
    UniBUG       UniFLEX Boot

  • Selectable I/O
  • MP-A2  6800 Processor board
    MP-09  6809 Processor board
    MP-S   Serial board
    MP-L   Parallel board
    MP-T   Timer board

  • Single Step with mnemonic display
  • Hardware breakpoints (16)
  • Trace buffer (last 4096 instructions)
  • Screen Capture (with Pause control)
  • IRQ and Reset supported
  • MP- 09 and S/09 DAT support on 6809
  • Full register display in single step mode
  • 64 Kb address space for 6800 emulation
  • 1 Mb address space for 6809 emulation
  • Supports ACIA,FD-2 and MP-T
  • Limited support for MP-ID

Built in Tools include

  • Virtual floppy formatter
  • Flex file exchange between virtual disk and PC
  • View and edit Flex system information record
  • Scans Files on virtual diskettes for file link errors


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