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... Welcome!
... More about the FLEX User Group
... The history of TSC FLEX, the essential 68xx Operating System
... Manuals for FLEX software, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
... Copyright Clearance Information - thanks!
... Software Directory of all FLEX Programs
... Software for FLEX
... DSK Library files, electronic disks
... Software Emulators for FLEX systems
... Utilities for FLEX
... Links to FLEX and 6809 related sites
... Members photo page, fit a face to e-mail!
... The FLEX Next Generation Hardware Project
... Frequently Asked Questions for FLEX
... Big files (not to fufu-l please). Send them to me and I'll put them here
... fufu-l List digests, subscribe NOW!
... Miscellaneous useful information
... Status for the FLEX CD archive project
... How to join the FLEX User Group
... A quick guide to what's new on the FLEX website

FLEX is a superb disk-based Operating System, only 8k bytes (beat that W95, NT), open, extendable, and easily hackable! It ran on the Motorola 6800 originally, then on the fantastic 8/16-bit 6809 (as used in the CoCo and Dragon). Even though FLEX is 20 years old, I've found that there are still many FLEX systems in operation today, some even having run non-stop for over 15 years (without any software crashes... :)

Many thanks are due to Technical Systems Consultants for developing FLEX, and I'd like to thank here all the authors of FLEX software who have granted the FLEX User Group copyright clearance to republish the FLEX software and Manuals.

Copyright © 1998-2001 Ian P. Blythe on behalf of the FLEX User Group
Mailto: f_u_g@ipblythe.com (remove underlines from e-mail address - Say NO to UCE)